Pueblo Dogs
(Zuni the Pueblo  Dog)
Winter 2009
A pack of feral-looking dogs now circled beneath the door of my SUV, with the two gentlemen, who continued to glare at me from under the visors of their baseball caps, making no move to call them off.

Sotto Voce
Fall 2008
He said our place used to be a motor court called Dew Drop Inn...

The Writer's Post Journal July 2004
The Rose &Thorn
Winter 2007
At the word "important" I reach for the phone. Then I remember there is nothing important left to tell me.

Beginnings Fall 2004
The Rose &Thorn
Fall 2006
Standing there, tunneling her finger into the corkscrew of her curl and rocking onto the outside of her scuffed shoes, Dora wondered when her father would come down to rescue her.

At the Edge of the Woods
The Rose & Thorn
Spring 2004
He didn't know the boys was there. That's what he told me.

Bare Root Review
The next night you saw Snow White while you slept. She came into your room and then into your bed and she lay down next to you ...

Attribution: Image by DaRabbit099's